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This is a Trial Association

Welcome to your home page. This is the "go-to" page for status updates, announcements, and other information.You will find status updates on maintenance requests, modification requests, violation reports, etc. You will also find announcements and events concerning your association on this page. You can quickly access this page at any time while you're logged into our site by clicking the Status Page link located on the navigation menu on the far left of the page.

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Maintenance Requests

Case Username Type Opened Last Modified Urgent? Status
05 Trial User Maintenance 8/22/2008 10/15/2008 no Pending Approval
01 Trial User Maintenance 6/29/2008 7/2/2008 yes Complete

Violation Reports

Case Username Type Opened Last Modified Status
02 Trial User Violation 7/15/2008 7/29/2008/ Complete
03 Trial User Violation 10/10/2008 10/15/2008 Complete

Modification Requests

Case Username Type Opened Last Modified Status
04 Trial User Modification 10/31/2008 11/5/2008 In Progress




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